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October 17, 2018

We've collected and curated well over 100 resources to help you with every aspect of your journey into Chaos Engineering. Learn about Chaos Engineering's origins and principles to shed light on what it's all about or dive right into one of the dozens of in-depth tutorials to get experimenting right away. You might also be interested in subscribing to some of the best Chaos Engineering blogs on the net or installing one of the many tools designed to inject failure into your applications, no matter the platform.

Chaos Engineering Best Practices & Principles

Without proper practices and principles Chaos Engineering becomes little more than unstructured Chaos. This section features a collection of the some of the most fundamental Chaos Engineering articles, practices, and principles ever devised.

Chaos Engineering Blogs

One-off articles and tutorials have their place, but staying abreast of the latest Chaos Engineering news and technologies requires a constant drip of relevant information. The following blogs and community sites provide some of the most up-to-date SRE and Chaos Engineering content on the web.

Gremlin Blog Gremlin Blog The Netflix Tech Blog The Netflix Tech Blog Microsoft Azure Blog Microsoft Azure Blog
Spinnaker Blog Spinnaker Blog AWS Open Source Blog AWS Open Source Blog SRE Weekly Newsletter SRE Weekly Newsletter
LaunchDarkly Blog LaunchDarkly Blog Coding Horror Blog Coding Horror Blog Hut 8 Labs Blog Hut 8 Labs Blog

Chaos Engineering Community & Culture

A day doesn't go by without multiple people joining the Chaos Engineering Slack Channel! It's an exciting time to hop onto the Chaos Engineering train, but that journey wouldn't be nearly as interesting without the incredible culture and community that has built up around Chaos Engineering. This collection of resources contains just some of the many awesome aspects of the Chaos Engineering community.

Chaos Engineering Talks

As more people take up the banner of Chaos Engineering we're treated to even more incredible presentations from some of the most brilliant minds in the field. We've gathered a handful of the most ground-breaking and influential of these talks below.

Chaos Engineering Tools

Proper tooling is the backbone of thoughtful and well-executed Chaos Engineering. As we showed in the Chaos Monkey Alternatives chapter, no matter what technology or platform you prefer, there are tools out there to begin injecting failure and to help you learn how to create more resilient systems.

Chaos Engineering Tutorials

Before you can swim in the deep end of Chaos Engineering you'll need to start by getting your feet wet. We've accumulated a number of tutorials covering just about every platform and technology you could be using, all of which provide a great jumping-off point to start executing Chaos Experiments in your own systems.

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