Chaos Monkey Whitepaper

Chaos Engineering helps find vulnerabilities in your microservices architecture before they result in outages, downtime, and security breaches. Learn how to use tools like Chaos Monkey to improve application resilience by creating controlled failure.

Download the Whitepaper

Download the white paper to get a primer on Chaos Monkey and learn:

  • What is Chaos Monkey and when to use it.
  • Benefits of Chaos Monkey and Chaos Engineering.
  • Developer tutorial to start running Chaos Monkey on AWS.
  • Practical applications of Chaos Monkey in production.
  • Chaos Monkey alternatives for Docker, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes and more.
  • Other tools in the Simian Army to create chaos and improve resilience.
  • Enterprise-grade alternatives and commercial chaos solutions.

Learn how tools like Chaos Monkey are an entryway to creating better, more resilient software that can stand up to the most demanding, resource draining, and catastrophic scenarios - without impacting customer experience.

The Gremlin team has compiled a list of open source alternatives for every major infrastructure, so you can run chaos experiments on any system - Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, VMware, OpenStack, Maven, Hadoop, Linux, and more. Download the white paper to start running chaos experiments on every major type of infrastructure.

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