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reliability platform

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Find and fix availability risks before they impact your users with Gremlin's Chaos Engineering and reliability monitoring, testing, and reporting tools.

Free for 30 days. No credit card required.
Free for 30 days. No credit card required.

A new approach to reliability

Today's ephemeral and complex systems are a minefield of reliability risks, including unknown dependencies, misconfigured autoscaling, missing or broken redundancies, untested resilience hacks, and non-compliant architecture.

Gremlin is built to find and fix these risks so you can deliver the availability your users demand at the speed and scale of today's enterprise technology organizations.

Recreate incidents
and outages

Run Chaos Engineering experiments and reliability tests safely and easily.

  • Uncover common availability risks using pre-built Reliability Tests.
  • Build custom Chaos Engineering experiments designed for your architecture.
  • Keep your systems strong with enterprise safety and security features.

Highlight your biggest risks to availability

Prioritize risks and communicate them across the organization to drive action.

  • Use automated and repeatable testing to discover availability risks before they cause an incident.
  • Get actionable reports to prioritize risks and work across the organization to fix them.
  • Seamlessly integrate testing with your CI/CD pipeline and observability tools.

Build confidence in your systems

Continuously measure and improve your reliability, resiliency, and availability.

  • Align around standardized reliability scores to predict the availability of your systems.
  • Track reliability scores over time to create metrics that show your reliability posture.
  • Use dashboards and shared reports to prove reliability improvements to your organization.

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Free for 30 days. No credit card required.
How Gremlin works

Safely and easily inject faults to test your system

Gremlin uses Chaos Engineering principles to test the resiliency and reliability of your software.

By deliberately introducing stress or failure in a controlled environment, you can locate weaknesses and risks safely—and fix them before they impact your users.

Explore Gremlin for Chaos Engineering
The Gremlin Reliability Platform

Everything you need to
take control of your availability

Safe and secure fault injection suite

Perform chaos engineering experiments to recreate past incidents and specific failure modes.

Standardized reliability rest suite

Run pre-built reliability tests to quickly find, fix, and validate unidentified reliability risks.

GameDay manager

Prepare, run, and learn from GameDays: organized team events to proactively improve reliability.

Service reliability
scores & dashboard

Identify reliability risk and track progress over time at scale.

Enterprise ready
out of the box

We're with you every step of your journey to more reliable systems.

Use cases

Stay ahead of incidents and improve availability

Prove systems are reliable before launches and high-scale events.
Ensure cloud and Kubernetes migrations are on time and reliable.
Achieve disaster recovery and cloud compliance targets.
Increase velocity while improving overall reliability posture.
Supported platforms

Gremlin works 
where you do

Gremlin is a cloud-native platform that runs in any environment. Gremlin supports all public cloud environments—AWS, Azure, and GCP—and runs on Linux, Windows, containerized environments like Kubernetes, and yes, bare metal too.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Gremlin is SOC II compliant and follows industry-standard security practices.

Secure User Management
Multi-factor authentication, Secure Single Sign On, and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Audit Trails
Every action on the platform is tracked for compliance
Least Permissions
Gremlin runs on default Linux permissions and doesn’t require root access
3rd Party Testing
Gremlin regularly undergoes regular security auditing by a 3rd party