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Demystify your dependencies

Keep your application resilient even when your dependencies aren’t. Gremlin’s Dependency Discovery feature automatically discovers and tracks your application’s dependencies, letting you run comprehensive reliability tests with the click of a button.

How does dependency discovery work?

A dependency is any technology or system that provides functionality used by other systems. This includes databases, caches, and third-party (SaaS) services. Dependencies allow teams to modularize and reuse software, but they create points of failure in applications. If a dependency is critical—in other words, your application requires it to function—then any failure in that dependency will cascade into an application failure. Additionally, dependencies are so common that teams often don’t have a complete graph of their dependencies, resulting in a minefield of reliability risks.

Anything that you cannot survive without, those are your critical dependencies. If you cannot function, if you cannot provide what the customer needs, then that is your critical dependency and you need to design a good fallback against it.

Vilas Veeraraghaven, “Practicing Chaos Engineering at Walmart”, Chaos Conf 2018

Demystify your dependency map

Modern systems are large and complex with countless moving parts, and dependencies only add to the confusion. 

Gremlin automatically detects dependencies attached to a service based on network traffic. Whether it’s a Redis cache running in the same Kubernetes Pod, a database hosted as a SaaS service, or even a small compute instance running in a VPC in a different cloud region, Gremlin finds and tracks your critical dependencies automatically.

Build resilience against the unexpected

Dependencies can fail, but unlike your services, you often have no control over when a dependency comes back online. How can you be sure your services can tolerate an outage?

Gremlin provides a comprehensive suite of reliability tests that you can run for each detected dependency. Validate that your service can withstand slow, unavailable, or insecure dependencies. Gremlin’s safe and secure reliability tests can be run with just one click, take just a few minutes to complete, and can be instantly reverted at any time.

Maintain high reliability in a changing environment

Environments and infrastructure change constantly as dependencies are added, removed, updated, and modified. Engineering teams need assurance that their services can withstand this turbulence without failing.

Gremlin helps you stay ahead of this complexity with automatic dependency tracking and regular scheduled testing. Confidently deploy to production knowing that Gremlin’s tracking and uncovering potential reliability risks. Know that your systems will perform reliably under any condition, not just ideal conditions.

Shift from observing to improving

Gremlin enables teams to proactively improve reliability at every stage of maturity.

Custom Chaos Tests & Experiments

Robust, customizable chaos tests to safely replicate any incident scenario.

Standardized Reliability Tests

Pre-built test suite to cover the most common reliability risks. Get started in minutes.

Automated & Scaled Reliability Programs

Standardized scoring tools to identify and prioritize risks, and build reliability programs.

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