Find Outages Before They Happen

Most teams jump into action after users feel the pain. With Gremlin, you can root out the common causes of incidents and outages before they impact users.

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Identify and measure reliability risks

In a complex enterprise architecture, reliability vulnerabilities aren't just nuisances—they're risks that cost millions in lost revenue, brand reputation, and internal toil.

Gremlin provides a safe and sophisticated suite of tools to identify weak points in your systems by detecting hidden reliability risks in configurations, running purpose-built reliability tests, and enabling Chaos Engineering experimentation. Teams can reduce guesswork by implementing empirically-measured, data-backed risk assessments that align with industry best-practices and corporate governance and compliance requirements.

By quantifying these risks, Gremlin enables everyone in your organization, from your CTO and CIO to individual engineers, to make informed decisions about which vulnerabilities present the biggest risk—and where to prioritize remediation.

Standardize and automate reliability testing across services

Standardized reliability testing is becoming a necessity at the enterprise level: it helps root out failures, manage reliability risk, and build the confidence needed for engineering teams to move fast.

Out-of-the-box, Gremlin offers a uniform reliability test suite based on industry best practices and real-world causes of incidents that can be deployed across every service and team. For deeper control and standards, customize the test suite or deploy your own based on your organization’s needs or compliance requirements from the OCC, DORA, SOC 2, and more.

Through event-driven automation and advanced scheduling, Gremlin not only fortifies the overall reliability of enterprise operations, but improves efficiencies and reduces manual efforts.

Get a single view of your organization's reliability posture

Reliability risks are often hidden, which prevents prioritization and remediation and instead rewards the heroic work to resolve incidents when they inevitably occur. Gremlin helps break this cycle and build a culture of reliability by proactively identifying issues and consolidating reliability reporting into a centralized platform. Gremlin enables teams to facilitate productive cross-team collaboration and communication with a dashboard that offers high-level company overviews, team reports, and both granular service and test-based metrics.

Gremlin lets you know where the risks are and how you’re improving over time. Availability and resiliency governance, compliance, and operational improvement have never been easier.

Find outage risks on any platform

Within an enterprise environment, technological diversity is often the rule rather than the exception. Gremlin’s cloud-native platform is designed for maximum adaptability, able to operate efficiently across multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises architectures.

Gremlin supports all public cloud environments (including AWS, Azure, and GCP) and runs on Linux, Windows, containerized environments like Kubernetes, serverless platforms like Lambdas, and, yes, bare metal, too. It integrates with the CI/CD, observability, and performance tools you already use so you can integrate it with your current tooling and workflows.

The cost of downtime for top US retailers

By ensuring retailers can withstand surging demand and issues with POS and ecommerce systems, Gremlin often pays for itself in mere seconds of avoided downtime.

Revenue loss this session
Revenue loss this session
Revenue loss this session
Revenue loss this session
Revenue loss this session

Shift from observing to improving

Gremlin enables teams to proactively improve reliability at every stage of maturity.

Custom Chaos Tests & Experiments

Robust, customizable chaos tests to safely replicate any incident scenario.

Standardized Reliability Tests

Pre-built test suite to cover the most common reliability risks. Get started in minutes.

Automated & Scaled Reliability Programs

Standardized scoring tools to identify and prioritize risks, and build reliability programs.

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