Datadog is a service that provides monitoring of servers, databases, tools, and services through a SaaS-based data analytics platform. If you already use Datadog, it is useful to enable the Gremlin Datadog integration for your Engineering team to see the Gremlins in action while they are running attacks.

With this integration enabled, you will be able to overlay attacks on top of your dashboards to pinpoint exactly when Gremlin events occur, and how the attack is impacting your metrics.

Gremlin Events Datadog

You can also click from within your Datadog Event Stream to:

  • Rerun Gremlin attacks
  • Show logs for Gremlin attacks
  • Halt Gremlin attacks

Setting up the Gremlin Datadog Integration

To activate this integration, you will need to enter your Datadog API key into Gremlin.

First, retrieve your API key from Datadog. You can find it in Datadog Settings.

API Key Datadog

Next, add the Datadog API key to Gremlin Integrations by clicking the Add button on the row for Datadog.

You will be prompted for your Datadog API key. Paste your Datadog API key in the box and click save. The Gremlin Datadog integration will now be initialized.

API Key Datadog Gremlin

Additional Resources

Gremlin’s Developer Guide is a great resource and reference for using Gremlin to do Chaos Engineering. You can view additional Gremlin Attacks including attacks that impact State and Network. You can also explore the Gremlin Blog for more information on how to use Chaos Engineering with your application infrastructure.