Gremlin Partnership Network

Come join Gremlin's partner network to help make the internet more reliable, together. By encouraging and implementing resiliency practices and testing across the Global 1000, we can partner together to make platforms and services more reliable.

Partnership Overview

Gremlin’s partnership network (GPN) is designed to help our partners in several business areas. Our mission is to make the internet a more reliable place. To do this, our ideal partners will use our program to increase their CE proficiency and serve as ambassadors to spread the adoption of CE practices. Additionally, partners will increase their own footprint by having the ability to offer new, cutting-edge services to their clients. These services and tooling are often used to help with broader digital transformation initiatives, including but not limited to, cloud migrations, APM, reliable and sustainable product lines and at the end of the day, more reliable, dependable, systems.

Go-To-Market Support

Lean on Gremlin’s deep and expansive knowledge of Chaos Engineering (CE) and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to increase your acumen and expertise

Partner Portal

Get access to your own partner portal full of sales messaging, platform updates, deal registration, and partner-only content

Gremlin Certification

Get free access to Gremlin’s two certificate courses. Proudly differentiate against your competitors and show off your Gremlin platform expertise and overall CE proficiency

Sales Enablement

Dedicated partner channel manager to help align our field teams. Get insider information on competitive intel, Gremlin’s ICP, and more!

Tracks and Tiers

Your company isn’t one size fits all and neither are our partnerships. Check out the unique opportunities we have to best suit your business.

Interested in Joining?


Gremlin’s Reseller Track is designed for businesses that would like to resell Gremlin’s platform to end customers. In this track, the reseller's end-customer signs Gremlin’s Master Services Agreement (MSA) and uses the application themself.


The Referral Track is for companies who wish to submit referrals to Gremlin but will not be transacting directly as resellers or MSPs. This track is included for SIs, ecosystem partners, and other companies who are not covered by any other track. Lean on the Gremlin team to run this engagement end to end.


The Ecosystem, or technology, Track is intended for businesses that offer a service or technology that complement Gremlin. This is a way for partners to develop and support integrations that help round out both of our platforms. Partners will have access to all portal materials and a free Gremlin account. Lean on our technical experts to build an offering that will wow customers!


The MSP Track is intended for businesses that primarily serve to directly manage the end-customer environments. MSPs incorporate Gremlin into their service offering to increase their overall footprint. Unlike the reseller track, MSPs typically perform administrative functions in the platform on behalf of their customers, meaning the MSPs hold the subscription and must sign Gremlin’s MSA.


The SI Track is intended for businesses that primarily serve to provide project support for end customers but don't have long-term obligations to directly manage the performance of clients’ end environment. These partners will often have one or more professional services practice areas supporting Gremlin and/or related technologies, platforms, and products (such as DevOps or Cloud Migration services)

Partnering with the best of the best

We motivate and inspire others to achieve their best, and we hold the same standard for ourselves. If we expect to inspire, embolden, and empower our customers to reach their full potential, we must lead by example. Our first example? AWS.