Fine-Tune Monitors & Alerts

With Gremlin’s fault injection tools, you can fine-tune your observability tools to focus on the metrics that matter, eliminate noisy and irrelevant alerts, and ensure timely detection and resolution of real issues.

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Identify blind spots in your monitoring

For observability to be effective, both the scope and precision need to be dialed in. Gremlin helps ensure you have a monitoring setup that you can trust when it matters most.

Gremlin helps teams validate the completeness and accuracy of your monitoring setup by making sure it captures not just the metrics that are easy to measure, but also those that are crucial for understanding system performance and reliability. Gremlin's fault injection tools allows you to simulate a wide range of fault scenarios, helping you ensure comprehensive and accurate monitoring coverage and fine-tune your SLIs and SLOs.

Additionally, by testing how these simulated faults trigger your monitors, you gain assurance that your system will properly alert you to issues and spot blindspots before they impact users.

Calibrate alerts based on real limitations

Move beyond arbitrary or default alert settings by utilizing real-world system data.

With Gremlin's fault injection capabilities, deeply integrated with leading observability platforms, you can identify your system's actual limitations and set alert thresholds accordingly. This ensures that your alerts are both sensitive and relevant, preventing alert fatigue and helping teams focus on real issues.

Validate your incident runbooks

Runbooks are critical for timely incident resolution, but they are often outdated or untested. Use Gremlin's Chaos Engineering and reliability testing tools to simulate a variety of fault scenarios and validate the effectiveness of your runbooks. This ensures that they are actionable, up-to-date, and actually reduce the time to resolution (TTR) during real incidents.\ \ This validation process not only builds confidence in your incident response strategy and improves key availability metrics but also empowers your team to make data-driven updates to the runbooks, keeping them aligned with the evolving system architecture and business needs.

Optimize alert routing logic

Use fault injection insights to improve your alert routing logic, directing alerts to the most appropriate teams or individuals. By understanding the types of issues that can arise, and who is best suited to address them, you can streamline incident response and reduce time to resolution.

Improve reliability across your entire stack

Gremlin’s cloud-native platform is designed for maximum adaptability, able to operate efficiently across multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises architectures.

Gremlin supports all public cloud environments (including AWS, Azure, and GCP) and runs on Linux, Windows, containerized environments like Kubernetes, serverless platforms like AWS Lambda, and, yes, bare metal, too. It integrates with the CI/CD, observability, and performance tools you already use so you can incorporate it with your current tooling and workflows.

The cost of downtime for top US retailers

By ensuring retailers can withstand surging demand and issues with POS and ecommerce systems, Gremlin often pays for itself in mere seconds of avoided downtime.

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Shift from observing to improving

Gremlin enables teams to proactively improve reliability at every stage of maturity.

Custom Chaos Tests & Experiments

Robust, customizable chaos tests to safely replicate any incident scenario.

Standardized Reliability Tests

Pre-built test suite to cover the most common reliability risks. Get started in minutes.

Automated & Scaled Reliability Programs

Standardized scoring tools to identify and prioritize risks, and build reliability programs.

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