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Gremlin offers a multi-faceted approach that both enhances your organizational resilience and provides concrete, auditable evidence to back it up.
Hundreds of finance, retail, and technology organizations worldwide trust Gremlin
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Charter CommunicationsGrubhubNABSASShiptTargetTwilioWalmartWorkiva

Build scenarios aligned to resilience requirements

Gremlin's Reliability Management platform allows you to define and construct test scenarios that directly align with your resilience objectives and control measures. Whether you're looking to prevent past incidents from recurring, anticipate common disaster scenarios, adopt industry best practices, or prove resilience against common vulnerabilities, Gremlin has you covered. Simulate resilience conditions safely by injecting faults into your systems. For instance, you can experiment with losing a crucial system dependency, evacuating an availability zone, or even simulating failover conditions from third-party cloud providers. All these features enable you to understand your vulnerabilities in real-world scenarios without impacting ongoing operations.

Operationalize resilience testing

Gremlin enables you to operationalize resilience testing across your entire organization. First, integrate your services into Gremlin’s platform to automatically detect both internal and third-party dependencies, giving you a comprehensive view of your resilience risks. Then deploy standardized test suites across your organization to identify system weaknesses, understand their real-world impact, and develop effective strategies to mitigate them. Finally, Gremlin allows for customizable cadence in testing so you can maintain your systems' resilience continuously. Advanced teams can even automate this testing to ensure ongoing resilience without manual intervention.

Automate reporting and evidence gathering

With Gremlin, every test run provides auditable evidence, aggregating all the essential data points you need for regulatory compliance. Gremlin's centralized dashboards and reports provide a multi-dimensional view of your organization's reliability risks and posture. This enables you to meet the requirements of various regulatory bodies such as the OCC or FDIC, or standards such as the Digital Operational Resiliency Act (DORA), SOC2, and ISO 20000.

Ensure operational risk readiness

Resilience is a holistic endeavor that extends beyond just your software. Our platform allows you to simulate incidents and outages to validate not just your systems, but also your runbooks, ensuring overall organizational resilience. Go beyond theoretical tabletop exercises and use Gremlin to identify critical gaps in your planning, communication channels, and recovery processes by simulating real-world events. This proactive approach arms you with actionable insights to improve your resilience strategies comprehensively.

Trusted by the world’s largest regulated institutions

When it comes to compliance and resilience, some of the biggest names in regulated industries put their faith in Gremlin. Our platform is instrumental in meeting compliance requirements for five of the seven largest banks in the U.S. and many more globally. Organizations that must prioritize resilience and high availability across various sectors trust Gremlin for its ability to identify reliability risks proactively, provide evidence that satisfies regulators, and empower engineers without impeding their productivity.

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