Gremlin for DORA

Gremlin helps financial institutions comply with the EU Digital Operational Resilience Act with less time and engineering resources.

  • Automate mapping of third-party dependencies

  • Scale digital operational resilience testing

  • Simulate disaster recovery scenarios

  • Validate capacity, performance management, and incident detection and response systems

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DORA compliance made easy

Plug-and-play resilience testing
Test and improve the resiliency of IT systems across your environment, including cloud platforms, on-prem, bare metal, containers, and Kubernetes clusters—without dedicating significant engineering resources.
Disaster recovery and BCP scenarios
Minimize risks by validating business continuity and disaster recovery plans before you face public outages. Ensure capacity and performance management plans are effective, and incident detection and response tools are optimized.
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Built-in safety and security
Gremlin ensure testing is safe and secure, with automated stop and rollback functionality on by default. Further, Gremlin has passed the security assessments of many of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Trusted by leading financial institutions globally

Industry leaders rely on Gremlin to keep their systems resilient, reliable, and compliant.