Whether you are a scaling startup or an established enterprise, today’s world requires real-time communication and collaboration for optimal performance. Today, we are excited to announce Gremlin for Slack -- an integration that delivers real-time notifications to your team’s workspace.

Highlight Features

Attacks run by Gremlin can now trigger automatic notifications to a Slack channel of your choice.

Teams can be notified about the commencement and completion of Gremlin attacks of all types: manual, scheduled, or via API.

Use the one-click ChatOps options to quickly halt attacks, view attack logs, and re-run attacks from within Slack.

Gremlin Slack Integration

Tracking Issues in Slack

Slack offers a robust search function where conversations, files, links, and other content integrated from Gremlin are universally searchable. This will help teams keep track of issues and incidents that have occurred in the past, in order to better prevent them from happening again in the future. (If you’re interested in learning more about how to prevent high severity incidents, read our in-depth blog post here).

At Gremlin, we are constantly striving to help our customers practice Chaos Engineering safely and securely across teams. Follow us on Twitter @GremlinInc for more tips on how your teams can get the most value from Chaos Engineering + #ChatOps.

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Matt Jacobs
Matt Jacobs
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