Slack is a communications and collaboration platform to help teams get together and get things done. If you already use Slack, it is useful to create a new channel for your Engineering team to see the Gremlins in action when they are running attacks.

With this integration enabled, you will be notified in Slack for:

  • Started Gremlin attacks
  • Successful Gremlin attacks
  • Halted Gremlin attacks

And, you can take the following actions from within Slack:

  • Rerun Gremlin attacks
  • Show logs for Gremlin attacks
  • Halt Gremlin attacks

Setting up the Gremlin Slack Integration

Login to the Gremlin Control Panel using your Company name and sign-on credentials. These details were emailed to you when you signed up to start using Gremlin.

Once you have logged in, click your name, select Company Settings, and then Integrations. Then click the Add to Slack button.

If you don't see the Company Settings or Integrations option, contact the company owner for help with permissions.

Select the Slack room for the Gremlin Slackbot to join using the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen. In this example, we are connecting the Slackbot to the Chaos Engineering Community Slack. Next, select which channel the bot can post to. In this example, we have selected the #gremlin-attacks channel. Then click Authorize.

After installing the Gremlin Slackbot you will see a message explaining that the Slack integration is connected. The Gremlin Slackbot will join the channel you selected, in this example #gremlin-attacks.

Your Gremlin Slackbot is now ready for you to use.

Additional Resources

Gremlin’s Developer Guide is a great resource and reference for using Gremlin to do Chaos Engineering. You can view additional Gremlin Attacks including attacks that impact State and Network. You can also explore the Gremlin Blog for more information on how to use Chaos Engineering with your application infrastructure.