Achieving SLO Success with Golden Signals and Reliability Testing

The four Golden Signals represent the most important attributes of a system from your user’s perspective and are the foundation of any successful observability practice. This is especially true for organizations providing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to their customers. Golden Signals are not only valuable for tracking adherence to your SLAs, but avoiding the financial and legal consequences that come from missing your targets.


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About this webinar

The four Golden Signals are an easy and effective way to measure the most important aspects of a system, and when paired with a reliability management platform like Gremlin, they help you proactively meet your SLOs so you can meet your legal obligations and deliver the perfect customer experience.

  • What are the four Golden Signals?
  • How do the Golden Signals fit into your organization’s reliability practices and goals?
  • How can you use and validate the Golden Signals to become more successful at meeting your SLAs and providing the best possible customer experience?
About the speakers

Andre Newman

Sr. Reliability Specialist

At Gremlin, Andre promotes the benefits of Chaos Engineering and reliability testing to engineering teams around the world, including at some of the largest enterprise organizations. Prior to Gremlin, he created technical content explaining Kubernetes and containerization, the shift to cloud computing, DevOps, observability, and more. His work has been featured in The New Stack, DZone, Software Engineering Daily, TechBeacon, and StatusCode Weekly.

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