Beyond Chaos: Reliability in the Age of Cloud Native

As dramatic changes in the market force enterprises to become more innovative and resilient, many are embracing cloud-native technology and chaos engineering. But this embrace may be shortsighted.

To achieve the promises of cloud-native, enterprises must overcome common cloud- native challenges such as security, compliance, and reliability. Chaos engineering–the primary approach to improving reliability proactively–has failed to deliver. It must evolve beyond small-scale, siloed, and time-intensive practices to create realistic simulations that accurately reflect today’s market and risk.


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About this webinar

This interactive session with Jay Lyman, Senior Research Analyst at 451 Research, and Jeff Nickoloff, Principal Engineer at Gremlin, will cover:

  • The trends, opportunities, and challenges of shifting to cloud-native
  • The evolution of chaos engineering to assist in this transformation
  • The new approach of reliability management enterprises are taking to work more quickly while avoiding failures, outages and downtime
About the speakers

Jay Lyman

Senior Research Analyst
451 Research

Jay Lyman is a Senior Research Analyst with the Cloud Native and Applied Infrastructure & DevOps Channels at 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. He covers infrastructure software, primarily hybrid and multi-cloud environments, management and orchestration, and enterprise use cases that center on the confluence of software development and IT operations known as DevOps.

Jeff Nickoloff

Principal Engineer
Gremlin, Inc.

Jeff Nickoloff is a Principal Engineer with the reliability management platform team at Gremlin. Formerly with PayPal and Amazon, Jeff is a seasoned engineering leader, consultant, engineer, entrepreneur, and Kellogg EMBA candidate. He is passionate about building and scaling cross-functional teams through effective communication, and solving high-impact problems.

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