Preparing for Traffic Spikes with Chaos Engineering

'Tis the season! No, we’re not talking about that season. However, it is the time of year where engineering teams at retailers and e-commerce brands around the world begin to focus in earnest on preparing for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period.


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With sales records continuing to be shattered in this short period with each passing year combined with the fact that most of these sales come from online channels, it is more of a priority than ever for retailers to ensure their infrastructure is ready.

Hardening systems for seasonal spikes in traffic is not unique to e-commerce, though. Whether it's Tax Day for financial companies or Election Day for news organizations, each industry has periods when traffic surges. In each case, engineering effort is required to avoid costly (and brand damaging) incidents.

You'll walk away understanding how you can incorporate Chaos Engineering into your next runup to a peak traffic event.

  • Explain how Chaos Engineering complements traditional load testing and fits into an overall seasonal readiness program

  • Discuss how to coordinate GameDays with code freezes

  • Demonstrate the types of Chaos Experiments used to uncover potentially outage-producing weaknesses

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