Planning and Architecting for Reliability - Part 1

Don’t wait for an incident to start focusing on the reliability of your systems. Join this two-part series to take a proactive approach to reliability, so you can prevent incidents from happening in the first place.

In this, the first part, we map dependencies and uncover failure points to identify where to improve reliability.


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About this webinar

The reliability of your systems is crucial, but can often be put on the back burner until an incident occurs. We walk through how to take a proactive approach to reliability so you can find and fix weaknesses before they become incidents.

You’ll walk away having identified vulnerabilities, knowing how to test them for failure, and how to prioritize your reliability efforts across services.

Part 1: Planning for Reliability
  • Lay the foundation for reliability by better understanding our complex, multi-layered architectures
  • Map dependencies in a single view and identify failure points
Part 2: Architecting for Reliability
  • Put reliability plans into action by testing our dependencies and vulnerabilities.
  • Learn how to test the technologies in your stack against common failure modes.
About the speakers

Vince Huang

Reliability Architect

Vincent is a Reliability Architect at Gremlin, helping teams and companies strategize, design, implement, and interpret their Chaos Engineering and resiliency efforts. Previously, he worked for LinkedIn and Twitch, doing Operations, Site Reliability, and Incident and Problem Management focusing on uptime and availability.

Jacob Plicque III

Solutions Architect

Jacob is a Solutions Architect at Gremlin where he works on Chaos Engineering, the facilitation of controlled experiments to identify systemic weaknesses. Jacob has worked on Network Chaos Engineering across a variety of industries including finance, e-commerce, airlines, retail, and insurance. Jacob is also the co-host of the Break Things on Purpose podcast, a series dedicated to sharing Chaos Engineering experiences. Jacob previously worked at Fanatics as a Senior SRE where he was responsible for providing a reliable e-commerce experience to process over 1100 orders a minute. He has in-depth experience proving a reliable service on peak days such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

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