Is Your Microservice Actually a Distributed Monolith?

Migrating from a monolith to a microservice can be tricky. It’s not enough to just run your application in a container: it needs to be redesigned as lightweight, independent, and scalable services. Otherwise, you might end up with a dreaded distributed monolith.

In this webinar, we explain what a distributed monolith is, why they’re undesirable, and how you can avoid this anti-pattern by using Chaos Engineering.


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About this webinar

Migrating from a monolithic application to a microservice isn’t always straightforward. To get the most out of a microservice architecture, applications should be rearchitected with independent services, loose coupling, and scalability. If you deploy your monolith without considering these architectural differences, you’ll end up with a distributed monolith.

  • Explore what a distributed monolith is and how it negatively impacts microservice deployments

  • Discover how to determine whether you have a distributed monolith

  • Learn how to run chaos experiments that can detect whether you’re running a distributed monolith

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