Chaos Engineering: Test Your Systems NOT Your People

We understand why Chaos Engineering works from a technical perspective, but what about the humans?

Chaos Engineering has proven successful in building system resilience to failure, maintaining customer trust and improving incident response. But what are the effects and impacts on the humans involved in the systems?

Join us to delve into both positive and negative outcomes to all the groups of people involved - including users, engineers, product, and business owners.


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About this webinar

Using case studies from organizations where Chaos Engineering has been implemented, we will explore the changes in attitude that these practices create. We will discuss successful implementations, as well as challenges faced in teams where chaos was a 'success' from a technical perspective, but contained negative impact for the people involved.

  • Explore the core principles of Chaos Engineering
  • Discover the human factors involved in Chaos Engineering
  • Learn the best practices on caring for the people and teams working with Chaos Engineering
About the speakers

Julie Gunderson

Senior Reliability Advocate

Julie Gunderson actively works to further the adoption of Chaos Engineering best practices and methodologies at Gremlin. She has been actively involved in the space for over five years and is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations understand how to leverage Chaos Engineering, DevOps & develop amazing cultures. Julie made a career developing relationships and building communities. She has delivered talks at conferences such as Velocity, Agile Conf, OSCON, and more.

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