Improving system resiliency with Gremlin State attacks

We often assume that systems operate in consistent and predictable ways, but reality is much more complicated. Servers restart without warning, processes crash, system clocks run slow, and configurations drift. When the state of a system changes, it can cause problems that are difficult to troubleshoot and resolve. By running state attacks as part of your Chaos Engineering practice, you can ensure that your systems are resilient against these types of failure.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through each of Gremlin’s state attacks: Process Killer, Shutdown, and Time Travel. We’ll explain what each attack does, present in-depth use cases for each attack type, and demonstrate how to run the attack as part of a chaos experiment.


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About this webinar

Container and cloud platforms added several layers of abstraction between our applications and the servers hosting them, so much so that we treat servers as disposable and interchangeable. The challenge is that systems can change: hosts can shutdown or reboot automatically, critical processes can crash, and clock drift can cause problems with TLS certificates and Daylight Savings Time (DST).

  • Explore each of the three unique state attacks available in Gremlin.

  • Explain the use cases for each attack type.

  • Demonstrate how to run each attack and gain actionable insights from their results in order to improve your services and systems.

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