Organizational Reliability: What, Why, and How?

As systems are becoming increasingly more distributed by design, the potential for unplanned failure and unexpected outages increases significantly. As a result, there is a large trend towards organizations adopting reliability solutions and initiatives.

But how do you start your journey to reliability? Join our webinar to find out!


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About this webinar

Join us as we explore the "What's," "Why's," and "How's," of adopting an organization-wide reliability initiative. We'll dive into what organizational reliability really looks like, the reasons to prioritize reliability, and how leadership can help start a top down reliability maturity journey.

  • Define what reliability looks like
  • Learn how to build a business case for prioritizing reliability
  • Walk through the organizational reliability maturity journey
  • Understand how to measure your organization's maturity
About the speakers

Julie Gunderson

Senior Reliability Advocate

Julie Gunderson actively works to further the adoption of Chaos Engineering best practices and methodologies at Gremlin. She has been actively involved in the space for over five years and is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations understand how to leverage Chaos Engineering, DevOps & develop amazing cultures. Julie made a career developing relationships and building communities. She has delivered talks at conferences such as Velocity, Agile Conf, OSCON, and more.

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