Improving Network Resiliency & Performance with Network Attacks

By running network attacks as part of a Chaos Engineering practice, you can prepare your systems for unstable or unpredictable network conditions. Test the impact of latency, packet loss, routing failures, and more in order to build resilient applications, validate redundancy and failover mechanisms, and optimize for performance.

Join us as we walk through the four Gremlin network attacks–blackhole, DNS, latency, and packet loss. We’ll explain what each attack does, explain how they work, present detailed use cases for each attack, and show you how to execute the attack as part of a chaos experiment. Finally, we will end with a Q&A session.


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About this webinar

Modern systems rely heavily on stable network connections. We like to think that we’ll always have high speed networks, but in reality, they can fail. We need to design our systems to tolerate these failures and adapt to changing network conditions, or risk a poor customer experience.

  • Explore each of the unique network attacks

  • Present in-depth use cases for each attack type

  • Demonstrate how to run each attack and gain actionable insights from their results in order to improve your services and systems.

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