Chaos Engineering: When the Network Breaks

We all know the network isn't always reliable, but are you actually prepared for when it breaks? Learn how you can use Chaos Engineering to proactively build reliable systems and get ahead of network failures.


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About this webinar

Chaos Engineering is a disciplined approach to identifying failures before they become outages. By proactively testing how a system responds under stress, you can identify and fix failures before they end up in the news. Chaos Engineering lets you compare what you think will happen to what actually happens in your systems. You literally break things on purpose to learn how to build more resilient systems.

You'll also have the opportunity to have your questions answered by the experts during our live Q&A segment.

  • Get an introduction to Chaos Engineering

  • Evaluate tools to run chaos experiments and measure success

  • Walk through demos of latency, packet loss, and other network failure experiments

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