Automating Chaos Engineering in your CI/CD Environments

Applications need to be prepared for failure, and it’s better if your application breaks in testing than in production. Automating chaos experiments helps companies shift reliability testing left and takes some of the cognitive load off of developers who want to ensure their code pushes are reliable.

In this upcoming webinar, we’ll discuss the roadmap companies like JPMorgan Chase go through when they automate Chaos Engineering and reliability testing, and demonstrate how to add failure scenario checkpoints to popular Continuous Delivery pipelines.


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About this webinar

During your Chaos Engineering adoption journey, automating chaos experiments as a part of your CI/CD pipeline is a major step. This additional upfront effort pays dividends by ensuring that developers don’t have to think about the tests to add or have a framework to build their own.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the value of automating Chaos Engineering as a checkpoint prior to production to build confidence in the reliability of new features and patches. We’ll show you how to leverage Gremlin’s API and SDK to build more reliable systems with every push in your Continuous Delivery pipeline.

  • Gain insights into the best practices for designing experiments as checkpoints to increase reliability and prevent regression

  • Learn how to automate Chaos Engineering using popular Continuous Delivery pipelines and Gremlin’s API and SDK

  • Hear about real world successes from enterprise and commercial businesses who have automated chaos testing as a part of their standard deployment flow

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