More Reliability, Less Firefighting

How to Build a Proactive Reliability Program

Does it feel like your team spends all its time putting out incident fires? Change the story with a proactive reliability program that actively improves reliability.

Join reliability expert and engineering leader Jeff Nickoloff for a webinar that lays out the common traits for successful reliability programs so you can build more reliability and spend less time firefighting. You’ll also get a downloadable checklist worksheet to help you create and evaluate your reliability program.

So you can build more reliability and spend less time firefighting.


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About this webinar

Join reliability expert and engineering leader Jeff Nickoloff to learn:

  • Why past best practices aren’t enough to improve reliability.
  • How a reliability program reduces toil, burnout, and firefighting.
  • How to build a successful reliability program at your company.
About the speakers

Jeff Nickoloff

Principal Engineer
Gremlin, Inc.

Jeff Nickoloff is a Principal Engineer with the reliability management platform team at Gremlin. Formerly with PayPal and Amazon, Jeff is a seasoned engineering leader, consultant, engineer, entrepreneur, and Kellogg EMBA candidate. He is passionate about building and scaling cross-functional teams through effective communication, and solving high-impact problems.

Gavin Cahill

Sr. Content Manager
Gremlin, Inc.

Gavin Cahill is a writer and content creator specializing in cloud-native development. At companies like New Relic, Docker, Redis, and Apptio, he’s written articles, videos, and books covering observability, containerized development, real-time data, FinOps, and more. His passion is helping people make sense of the complex world of modern software development.

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