Automate Reliability in Your CI/CD Pipeline

For many teams, resiliency testing is an afterthought that only comes up after release. However, reliability incidents can cost companies thousands of dollars each minute. To avoid costly fixes and potential outages, engineering teams should run software reliability and resiliency tests earlier in the software development lifecycle.

In this webinar, experts from UKG, Gremlin, and Nagarro will explain the concept of Chaos Engineering, how it contributes to improving resiliency, and how to run automated resiliency tests during the build process using CI/CD.


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About this webinar

In this webinar, you'll learn how to establish resiliency testing as a quality gate by automating it as part of your release. Our experts will show you how to run resiliency tests using Chaos Engineering tools, how to shift-left resiliency testing, and how to use the insights gained from reliability testing to improve your systems and services. You'll understand how easily you can run resiliency tests by just integrating a Chaos Engineering tool with your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Learn how UKG, a cloud-native HCM solution leader serving millions of active users, established resilience engineering quality gate by setting up a central testing resiliency hub to effectively orchestrate fault injection. Get a sneak peek into how they aim to achieve scalability through resiliency testing automation.

  • Find out what resiliency engineering is and how it helps you perform reliability testing.

  • Learn how to perform controlled, experimental reliability testing using Gremlin.

  • Gain insight into how reliability testing fits into your team’s overall software development life cycle (SDLC).

  • Learn how to inject faults into the environment leveraging your existing CI/CD pipeline.

  • Hear from UKG on how they successfully adopted resiliency engineering and aim to achieve scalability through automation.

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