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About Us

Gremlin aims to make the internet more reliable and prevent costly and reputation-damaging outages. Its failure-as-a-service platform empowers engineers to build more resilient systems through safe experimentation.


  1. Gremlin announces new features treating containers as first-class citizens

  2. The Gremlin Community is born for sharing resources and helping others build more resilient systems

  3. Gremlin officially launches, announces $7.5Million Series A Funding

  4. Gremlin wins “rookie of the year” at AWS re:Invent 2017

  5. Gremlin is founded by Kolton Andrus and Matthew Fornaciari, the first company to offer Failure-as-a-Service

  6. The role “Chaos Engineer” is coined

  7. Netflix shares the source code for the Chaos Monkey on Github

  8. Kolton Andrus builds fault injection at Amazon