The Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes

Everything you need to safely, securely, and simply run Chaos Engineering experiments on Kubernetes.
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Chaos Engineering on Kubernetes

Gain confidence in the reliability of your Kubernetes clusters and train your team.

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Be confident in the reliability of your Kubernetes clusters

  • Filter by cluster and namespace so you can easily find and harden specific Kubernetes objects
  • Harden your Kubernetes clusters with Chaos Engineering
  • Ensure you can withstand common Kubernetes failure modes including CPU throttling, DNS issues, and Blackholes

Confidently operate Kubernetes in production and prevent downtime

  • Validate your self-healing and orchestration
  • Be sure your app autoscales as expected
  • Find out what happens when you unexpectedly lose Pods - are your customers negatively impacted?

Develop quickly and safely using Kubernetes

  • Verify your Kubernetes migration is regression free
  • Identify critical bugs lurking within your clusters before they cause an outage
  • Share what you learn with the rest of your organization
We use Gremlin to test various failure scenarios and build confidence in the resiliency of our microservices. The ability to target containerized services with an easy-to-use UI has reduced the amount of time it takes us to do fault injection significantly.

Paul Osman

Senior Engineering Manager
Under Armour
Doing Chaos Engineering with Gremlin has helped us break down knowledge monopolies and validate our runbooks, resulting in dramatic improvements to our incident response times and production environments.

Lenny Sharpe

Director - IT Resiliency Engineering Enablement
It's about having the courage to do upfront what can prevent you from losing your face later. It's a rationally easy call to make to do Chaos Engineering.

Glenn Heylen

DPG Media

Deploy to Kubernetes with confidence

Learn how to verify the reliability of your Kubernetes infrastructure with 5 Chaos Experiments so you can be confident it's running smoothly.

Alternatively, see Gremlin’s Kubernetes targeting in action during a live demo