Chaos Engineering for SaaS

Use Gremlin’s Chaos Engineering platform to improve your platform's reliability.
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Charter CommunicationsDreamworks AnimationExpediaGrubhubH‑E‑BMailChimpNABQualtricsSASShiptTargetTwilioWalmartWorkiva

Improving SaaS reliability with Chaos Engineering


Qualtrics prepares for Disaster Recovery service-by-service, without disrupting dev cycles

Qualtrics' Quality Engineering team runs dependency experiments in preparation for Disaster Recovery testing.
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  • 40+ Teams
    prepared for failover without having to coordinate planned downtime
  • 500+ engineering hours saved
    vs. traditional dependency testing

Building out a dedicated Reliability Team

Workiva's Quality Assessment team uses Gremlin to verify the reliability of their Kubernetes application on AWS.
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Applying Chaos Engineering in SaaS

SaaS applications provide mission-critical systems that customers treat like infrastructure. This requires an always available customer experience, near perfect data durability, and constant innovation.

Deliver cloud provider reliability

  • Ship updates without downtime by proactively testing for individual services switching over
  • Prepare for disaster recovery by discovering service dependencies before you run the whole exercise
  • Prove your on-prem and cloud environments can handle lost connections

Ensure a seamless customer experience

  • Prevent degradations in non-critical features from ruining the impacting the whole application
  • Ensure that latency in one part of your distributed architecture doesn’t cascade and affect end users
  • Prepare mitigation strategies for unreliable network connections to customers

Provide exceptional availability and durability

  • Build reliable APIs by proving that your platforms have no single points of failure
  • Ensure that the health checks, timeouts, and retries are properly tuned
  • Be confident that your disaster recovery plans meet data durability standards

Fulfill your brand's promise

  • Meet the highest levels of availability by preparing for common failure modes
  • Push high quality code is production by automating failure testing for each deploy
  • Avoid breaching your service level agreements by preparing for any failure mode and decreasing your recovery time

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