Chaos Engineering for Retail

Use Gremlin’s Chaos Engineering platform to improve the reliability of your systems and your customers’ experience.
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Charter CommunicationsDPG MediaExpediaGrubhubH‑E‑BJPMorgan Chase & CoMailChimpQualtricsSiemensTargetTwilioUnder ArmourWalmartWorkiva
Under Armour

Under Armour prepares for peak holiday traffic

Under Armour's engineers use Chaos Engineering to build confidence that their systems will deliver a flawless customer experience during usage spikes.
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  • 80% reduction
    in engineering time spent setting up GameDays
  • 5x increase
    in Chaos Experiments per GameDay

Backcountry validates Black Friday readiness

Backcountry's engineers run a safe and secure GameDay in production to validate the resilience of their distribution center robots for Black Friday.
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  • Zero Incidents
    during Black Friday 2018
  • MTTD Reduced to 5 minutes
    From multiple hour MTTD the previous year

Applying Chaos Engineering in Retail

Outages and even slight delays on your website can lead to stressed-out employees, lost customers, a tarnished brand, and lost revenue. Meanwhile, heavy competition means you must innovate to keep up.

Improve the customer experience

  • Ensure the checkout process is unaffected by ad services or payment processors experiencing issues
  • Develop a resilient customer journey, with no issues during the handoff between checkout, inventory, and fulfillment systems
  • Find bugs in your systems on your time, rather than customers finding them at 3 AM

Build a quality brand

  • Prevent single points of failure bringing down your eCommerce site or grinding the warehouse to a stop
  • Prepare for traffic spikes during Black Friday, sales, and big events to prevent lost revenue on key days
  • Be more reliable than your competitors by preparing for small incidents all the way up to full region evacuations

Launch new products/features

  • Create more bespoke shopping experiences without sacrificing the reliability of your core workloads
  • Add new features and revenue streams with confidence by ensuring they are resilient to common failure modes
  • Increase feature velocity by migrating your services - such as your frontend, checkout, cart, and inventory systems - to microservices

Prevent outages and mitigate incidents

  • Test your disaster recovery runbooks efficiently to ensure they are up to date and minimize the amount of time your site remains unavailable
  • Find the issues with your health checks, timeouts, and retries by testing them under different load and failure conditions
  • Ensure that your monitoring and alerting systems are properly tuned to catch issues with your transaction flow

The cost of downtime for the top US ecommerce sites

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