Increase your system’s reliability with safe, secure, and simple GameDays.

The Ultimate Reliability Engineering Practice

GameDays are organized team events to proactively improve reliability using Chaos Engineering principles. Gremlin makes it easier than ever to prepare, execute, and learn from them.
  • Prepare
    Gremlin will validate your agents are installed correctly during PreGame so your systems are ready to go. Kick off the day by defining roles and aligning behind goals–directly in Gremlin.
  • Execute
    Define and run scenarios to help test your incident response process, validate past outages, or find unknown issues in your services.
  • Learn
    Capture scenarios learning directly in Gremlin and create and track tickets with our two-way Jira integration. Export reports to share learnings with your team. Start fresh or rerun the same GameDay to see how you improve over time.
We’re a lean team running one to two gamedays a month. This takes a lot of what we have been doing manually and simplifies it, creating a huge operational savings.
Fortune 50 company, early Gremlin GameDay user
Learn more about GameDay
GameDays are essential to a company’s reliability strategy. Learn how to run a GameDay, why they matter, and how Gremlin makes them easier and more effective.
Watch a Demo
Get familiar with GameDay as a service by seeing it in action. Learn how to create and run a GameDay then record your conclusions and action items.
May 10, 2022 - 3 min read

How Gremlin runs a GameDay

You might be familiar with GameDays at this point. From watching our Introduction to GameDay webinar , viewing our Demo video , and reading our tutorial , you’ve probably learned that GameDays were created with the goal of increasing…

Improve your system reliability with Gremlin.