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The Gremlin November 2021 release: Integrate better with private network integrations

We’re excited to announce the launch of private network integrations! This lets you use our existing Status Checks and Webhooks features on systems residing inside of your internal network, empowering any Gremlin team to automate Gremlin tasks safely and securely.

Status Checks and Webhooks have been widely used Gremlin features since their release. Customers use Status Checks to validate the state of their systems before, during, and after experiments. Webhooks allow teams to push data from Gremlin to their observability tools, incident management tools, and more. However, both of these features required the target endpoint to be accessible over the public Internet. For organizations with strict security controls, such as network firewalls, this made it difficult if not impossible to integrate with a wide number of tools and third-party services.

With private network integrations, you can now run Status Checks and Webhooks within your private network, avoiding the need to expose internal endpoints to the public Internet. You can benefit from the increased automation that these features provide, while maintaining your existing security posture.

Integrate better. Inject automated Reliability into your ecosystem with Gremlin

Private network integrations lets you integrate Gremlin with your internal tools. This includes:

  • Observability and monitoring tools like AppDynamics, Grafana, Splunk, Dynatrace, and Prometheus.
  • Automated testing tools.
  • CI/CD tools.

And many more. You can leverage these integrations on any environment, whether it’s on-premises, in a public or private cloud, or in a hybrid cloud.

Creating a private network Webhook

Continuously validate your systems during an experiment

Create a continuous feedback loop between Gremlin and your systems. Use Status Checks to continuously validate the state of your systems before, during, and after each experiment. Use Webhooks to automatically notify team members, update observability tools, or trigger actions in your CI/CD platform. Fully automate your Chaos Engineering practice across your internal environment.

Creating a private network Status Check

Create private integrations within your own network

Leverage Status Checks and Webhooks without leaving the security of your own private network. You no longer need to expose endpoints to the public Internet to get the full value of Gremlin’s integrations. By deploying our Integration Agent, you can keep your integrations fully contained within your network without having to open additional firewall ports.

Start using private network integrations today

Private network integrations are available immediately for Enterprise customers. To use them, simply deploy our new Integration Agent. When creating a Status Check or Webhook, you’ll have the option to toggle whether the integration is external or internal. You can also modify existing Status Checks or Webhooks to run internally as well. If you haven’t yet used these features, now is the perfect time to try them out and automate your reliability practice.

For more information, please see our updated documentation on Status Checks and Webhooks. We’ve also provided a tutorial to help you get started.