GameDays: Preparing Systems for the Real World

You’ve just spent over $10 million on a Super Bowl Ad. The ad goes live and sends millions of new customers to your website and app-yay! But wait…within seconds, both crash. Customers can’t access the exciting new product they’ve just seen or utilize a limited time coupon.

What happened? And more importantly, how can you keep it from ever happening again?

Insert GameDays. They are like fire drills–an opportunity to practice responding to failures in a safe and controlled environment–which allows us to measure the resilience of a system in a realistic scenario.

Discover why GameDays are important to your system's reliability and how to run a successful one.


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About this webinar

GameDays aren’t just for big events though, they are a cornerstone in system reliability. By proactively testing potential scenarios, failure modes can be uncovered and resolved in advance. Not at 3 AM with your on-call team.

  • What GameDays are and why they’re important to your systems’ reliability

  • The business value of running regular GameDays

  • How to run a successful GameDay

  • What GameDays at Gremlin look like

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