Full-service Ownership: Owning Your Service from Code to Production

More high-performing software teams are taking greater control over their services, from development all the way through to production. However, they also need to adapt to the challenges that come with full service ownership, including deploying services to their production stack, managing common software lifecycle operational issues, and identifying ways to make their services more resilient before and after deploying to production.

Learn how to empower your teams to keep their services resilient in production.


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About this webinar

In this webinar, experts from Gremlin and PagerDuty will discuss how full-service ownership is transforming software teams, and how to empower teams to keep their services resilient in production.

  • Developing a model where software development teams own their entire production operating stack.

  • The operational and reliability challenges that a full-service ownership model presents.

  • How Chaos Engineering helps teams identify failure modes before they become outages and ensure their services are resilient.

About the speakers

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