Improving the Reliability of Financial Services with Chaos Engineering

How do we increase development velocity to upgrade the money management, transaction processing, and trading experiences, despite the constraints of legacy systems and compliance mandates?

Learn how you can use Chaos Engineering to mitigate the risk of failures and proactively increase reliability, so you can safely modernize with confidence.



About this webinar

In order to provide innovative new services to customers and compete in the fintech market, teams must be able to push new changes quickly. Microservices and DevOps help increase velocity, but at the price of increased complexity and the risk of introducing incident-producing changes. At financial services firms, each incident means hours of lost revenue and productivity. The financial industry also must contend with stringent security controls, entrenched legacy systems, and strict compliance mandates which can be a barrier to modernization.

With Chaos Engineering, you can confidently increase development velocity without risking system failures and outages. Watch our upcoming live session to learn how teams at leading financial services firms are modernizing their systems and increasing reliability using Chaos Engineering

  • Demands of next-generation financial services firms

  • An introduction to Chaos Engineering

  • How financial institutions can increase development velocity while mitigating the risk of failures

  • Demos of the top chaos experiments our financial services customers have had success with

About the speakers

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