About Gremlin

We’ve lived and breathed incidents, on-call, and Chaos Engineering for a decade. We’ve served as ‘Call Leaders’ at Amazon and Netflix, resposible for fixing global outages. We’ve employed Chaos Engineering to harden and prepare our services for internet scale. We’ve built this tooling before, and engineers loved it. We hope you’ll love it too!

Meet the founders.

Together, Kolton and Matt have solved some of the biggest challenges facing reliability teams at category-defining technology companies.

Kolton Andrus

Co-founder & CEO

Kolton is co-founder and CEO of Gremlin. Previously he was a Chaos Engineer at Netflix improving streaming reliability and operating the Edge services. He designed and built F.I.T., Netflix’s failure injection service. Prior he improved the performance and reliability of the Amazon Retail website. At both companies he has served as a ‘Call Leader’, managing the resolution of company-wide incidents. Kolton is passionate about building resilient systems, primarily as it lets him break things for fun and profit.

Matthew Forniciari

Co-founder & CTO

Matt is co-founder and CTO of Gremlin Inc. He joined from Salesforce where he was a Senior Platform Engineer. Prior he improved the reliability and customer experience of the Amazon Retail website. He founded the ’Fatals‘ team to analyze and fix customer facing failures, reducing the number of Retail website errors by half in his first year. Matt loves building.

We know all about being paged at 2 am.

Our team has done this at internet scale before. We can help you succeed at any scale.