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Gremlin enables teams of all sizes to build measurable, proactive reliability programs. Whether you are looking to start testing and baselining reliability, scale practices organization-wide, or perform custom chaos engineering experiments, Gremlin grows with you from a single team to the entire enterprise.
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A service (often a microservice) is the specific functionality provided by one or more systems within an environment, such as a checkout service or authentication service. Services have clear interfaces and can be independently deployed. For Gremlin, this is what is scored; it's the unit of reliability measurement and improvement. You define a service in Gremlin by identifying a single process running on one or more hosts, containers, or Kubernetes resources.

There is no limit to the number of deployed service instances. For billing purposes, only the unique process is counted.

Services are intended to remain consistent throughout the contract period and not move around.

Gremlin FI is best deployed alongside Gremlin's team of reliability experts, and is not currently offered as a self-service free trial. To see if Gremlin FI is right for your environment, contact sales.

Yes. Contact sales at any time for annual pricing.

Yes, we're always looking to partner with reseller and technology and service providers. See our partners page for details.

Gremlin Reliability Management

Gremlin RM enables teams to baseline, remediate, and automate reliability at scale. With pre-defined reliability tests, scores, and a reliability dashboard for insights across the organization, Gremlin RM provides the essential elements to standardize and automate reliability.
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Gremlin Fault Injection

Gremlin FI is an advanced toolset for teams performing custom chaos engineering experiments. Available stand-alone or as an add-on to Gremlin RM, FI enables teams to safely and securely design and execute tailored scenarios. Contact sales for custom pricing.
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