Gremlin has 3 different editions. Each version adds more flexibility, additional features, and higher levels of support.


Free is intended for use to familiarize yourself with Chaos Engineering by experimenting on 2 Attacked Targets per month. This edition includes access to run all infrastructure attacks. The Chaos Engineering Community Slack allows users to engage with others for troubleshooting and discussions.


Pro is intended for small organizations running attacks frequently with a few applications. Pro starts with 3 Teams and 30 Attacked Targets per week, but can scale to any amount using add-ons. Pro unlocks advanced security features of SAML, RBAC, and audit trails. Pro also includes enterprise support Monday through Friday 8AM to 8PM Pacific Time.


Enterprise is our most flexible edition, intended for large organizations running frequent or automated attacks. Enterprise starts with 5 Teams and 100 Attacked Targets per week, but can scale to any level with add-ons. In addition to having all attack types and security features, Enterprise includes 24/7 dedicated support and 2 large scale attacks per year to target unlimited targets for 2 days to simulate a large scale event, such as a region evacuation.

For more information see our pricing page.