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Team Integrations

Team level integrations allow you to share authentication headers and API keys for the tools in your ecosystem across your team. Saving a team integration entry provides a common starting point for your team because the authentication and API details only need to be entered once. For example, if the team plans to use the Datadog Golden Signal integration, once the integration is set up and the connection to the Datadog API authenticated, team members only need to enter the monitor URL to create a Datadog Golden Signal.

You can configure team integrations from the Team Settings page, on the Team Integrations tab. If an integration has already been configured for a specific tool, it will be shown in the grid with Edit and Delete buttons. If the integration has not been configured, it will be available in the Integration drop-down list.

Golden Signal Authentication

Some Golden Signal integrations come with an out-of-the-box API base URL and predefined header names (such as Datadog, PagerDuty, and New Relic). Other integrations may depend on custom domains like Grafana Cloud, so you will have to input the base URL.

For tool-specific authentication instructions, see the following pages:

Load Generator Authentication

For specific authentication instructions for each supported tool, see the following pages:

Account Integrations

The following account level integrations are available:

Private Network Integrations

By default, Gremlin communicates with integrations over the public Internet. If you want to integrate with services that are only available on a private network (e.g. observability tools hosted behind a firewall), you'll need to deploy the Private Network Integration Agent.