Getting Started

Network Tags

Tags are labels to identify and organize network objects, especially important for today's ephemeral environments. For example, hosts live for a short time and have dynamic IP addresses. The IP address of a host may change, but any tags associated with it will persist. In Gremlin, you use tags (such as operating system, zone, or local-hostname) to define the scope of what to evaluate during reliability testing.

Cloud providers generally have default tags, but if you are not using a cloud provider, you will need to define custom tags and be familiar with them when you create a Service in Gremlin. You will also need to assign your custom tags to the Gremlin Agent.

Assign custom tags

There are 2 ways to assign your custom tags to the Gremlin Agent:

  • Use the Gremlin configuration file (config.yaml)
  • Use an environment variable

Using the Gremlin configuration file

Use the tags variable in config.yaml.

For example:

2 service: pet-store
3 interface: http

See Using the configuration file for more information.

Using an environment variable

Use the GREMLIN_CLIENT_TAGS variable to assign custom tags, separated by comma, to the Gremlin Agent.

For example:


See Using environment variables for more information.