Getting Started

Installing Gremlin

The Gremlin agent must be installed on each host you wish to attack. For hosts and containers within the hosts to be targetable, the installed Gremlin agent must be registered with the Gremlin Control Plane.

Gremlin can be deployed into bare-metal environments running either Linux or Windows, into container-based infrastructure environments running on Linux, and into virtual infrastructure environments.

Environment-specific instructions

For installation instructions, visit the page specific to the environment you are working with:

Other considerations

Customize Gremlin's Linux user and group

By default on Linux, Gremlin installs a gremlin Linux user and group, and sets the suid bit on /usr/bin/gremlin so that all users can run the Gremlin executable. These defaults can be overridden at installation time by supplying environment variables to the installer.

For example, to run Gremlin as root and restrict executable access to root:root, you would run:

2 sudo -E yum install gremlin gremlind

The full list of variables available at install time, and their defaults are as follows:

GREMLIN_INSTALL_USERgremlinThe Linux user to own all file installed by Gremlin. This user is created if it does not exist
GREMLIN_INSTALL_GROUPgremlinThe Linux group to own all file installed by Gremlin. This group is created if it does not exist
GREMLIN_INSTALL_BIN_MODE6111The file mode for executable files installed by Gremlin.