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Getting Started

Installing Gremlin on Windows

General steps for deploying the Gremlin Agent on Windows:

Gather your credentials

All Gremlin integration installations require authentication with the Gremlin Control Plane. You can use either Team ID with secret or certificates. See Authentication to learn more about the two methods.

Install Gremlin package

For Microsoft Windows, run the following from an elevated command prompt:

1msiexec /quiet /package

Configure Gremlin

The minimum configuration required to register the Gremlin Agent with the Control Plane is:

  • Team ID
  • Secret or certificate

For Reliability Management, Gremlin uses tags (such as operating system, zone, or local-hostname) to identify a Service's fingerprint, so you will need to assign those tags to the Gremlin Agent as well.

You can configure Gremlin using the Gremlin configuration file or with environment variables. For more information and additional configuration options, see Configuring Gremlin for more information.

When you are done, restart the Gremlin Daemon to pick up your changes.

Validate the installation

Verify that the Gremlin Agent is active in the Agents list. If the Gremlin Agent is unhealthy, it may not have been installed or configured correctly. See Gremlin Agent in the Gremlin Knowledge Base for troubleshooting information.