Gremlin makes our customers more reliable

See how Workiva uses Gremlin to test the quality of their software.

Forward-looking organizations use Gremlin to build more reliable software


Reliability blueprints to automate compliance

The rigorous compliance requirements of the financial industry add additional challenges to developer velocity. JPMorgan Chase automated all new cloud environments that included Gremlin in order to keep compliance out of the way and streamline developer productivity.
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Reinventing HEB's Curbside Fulfillment During COVID

HEB reinvented their curbside and home delivery fulfillment systems while stabilizing existing mission-critical systems, all during the pandemic. It took utilizing new services, addressing complex technical debt, and Gremlin to improve uptime and reduce business impact.
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Self-service culture of reliability

In the era of DevOps, human processes are often harder than technical ones. Doug shares how Grubhub made Chaos Engineering with Gremlin universally available to their developers in order to build a culture of reliability.
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Ensuring reliability of customer data platforms in AWS

Charter makes data driven decisions to perfect the customer experience. Gremlin keeps their data platforms reliable.
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Building out a dedicated Reliability Team

Workiva's Quality Assessment team uses Gremlin to verify the reliability of their Kubernetes application on AWS.
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Building resiliency at a 160 year old bank

NAB, Australiaโ€™s largest business bank and one of the โ€˜big four,โ€™ kicked off its Technology Transformation program at the end of 2018 in pursuit of simplicity, agility, resilience and to stay relevant to an ever-evolving competitive landscape.
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  • 25 different teams using Gremlin for Chaos Engineering
  • 75% reduction in time to resolution

Qualtrics prepares for Disaster Recovery service-by-service, without disrupting dev cycles

Qualtrics' Quality Engineering team runs dependency experiments in preparation for Disaster Recovery testing.
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  • 40+ Teams
    prepared for failover without having to coordinate planned downtime
  • 500+ engineering hours saved
    vs. traditional dependency testing

Proactively improve reliability

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Avoid downtime. Use Gremlin to turn failure into resilience.

Gremlin empowers you to proactively root out failure before it causes downtime. See how you can harness chaos to build resilient systems by requesting a demo of Gremlin.

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