Gremlin makes our customers more reliable

See how Workiva uses Gremlin to test the quality of their software.

Forward-looking organizations use Gremlin to build more reliable software


Building out a dedicated Reliability Team

Workiva's Quality Assessment team uses Gremlin to verify the reliability of their Kubernetes application on AWS.

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Qualtrics prepares for Disaster Recovery service-by-service, without disrupting dev cycles

Qualtrics' Quality Engineering team runs dependency experiments in preparation for Disaster Recovery testing.

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  • 40+ Teams

    prepared for failover without having to coordinate planned downtime

  • 500+ engineering hours saved

    vs. traditional dependency testing

Under Armour

Under Armour prepares for peak holiday traffic

Under Armour's engineers use Chaos Engineering to build confidence that their systems will deliver a flawless customer experience during usage spikes.

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  • 80% reduction

    in engineering time spent setting up GameDays

  • 5x increase

    in Chaos Experiments per GameDay


Backcountry validates Black Friday readiness

Backcountry's engineers run a safe and secure GameDay in production to validate the resilience of their distribution center robots for Black Friday.

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  • Zero Incidents

    during Black Friday 2018

  • MTTD Reduced to 5 minutes

    From multiple hour MTTD the previous year

Build resilient systems through orchestrated chaos

Explore our tutorials to learn about the technologies and processes that help unlock the benefits of Chaos Engineering.

Avoid downtime. Use Gremlin to turn failure into resilience.

Gremlin empowers you to proactively root out failure before it causes downtime. See how you can harness chaos to build resilient systems by requesting a demo of Gremlin.

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