Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Practitioner Exam preparation guide

Chaos Engineer
Last Updated:
May 31, 2022
Chaos Engineering
We've launched our newest certification, the Gremlin Enterprise Chaos Engineering Certification (GECEC). This new course combines the key information from our previous certs, the GCCEP and GCCEPro. All of the course materials are available within the course itself, which you can register for free here. This tutorial will be kept available, but we highly recommend using the in-course materials instead. To learn more about the GECEC, check out our announcement blog.

Welcome to the Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Practitioner (GCCEP) Exam preparation guide! The exam covers 20 questions and will take you approximately 30 min to complete. Click here to enroll in the exam. The topics covered in the exam include:

  • The Theory of Chaos Engineering
  • Using Gremlin to practice Chaos Engineering

To prepare for this exam, we recommend not just reading up on these topics, but to learn by doing. You can sign up for a free Gremlin trial account by clicking this link. Make sure to specify that your account is for certification purposes in the drop-down. If you are an AWS customer, you can also try out Gremlin on the AWS marketplace.

Lab Environments

These resources will help you set up a test environment for getting hands-on experience with Gremlin.

Recommended Reading

These resources will give you more info on Chaos Engineering, Gremlin, and the different use cases and applications of Chaos Engineering.

Recommended Watching

  • What is Chaos Engineering?

  • Chaos Engineering: The Path to Reliability

  • What is Gremlin?

  • Chaos Engineering in 60 seconds - Scheduled Shutdown Attack (aka Chaos Monkey)

Recommended Listening

We wish you the best of luck preparing for your examination!

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