The Next Step: Application Level Fault Injection

Kolton Andrus, Gremlin

Chaos Conf Keynote

Adrian Cockcroft, Amazon Web Services

How to Convince Your Boss and Make Them Say "Yes!" to Chaos Engineering

Kriss Rochefolle,

Practicing Chaos Engineering at Walmart

Vilas Veeraraghavan, Walmart Labs

Staying Alive: Patterns for Failure Management from the Bottom of the Ocean

Ronnie Chen, Twitter

Chaos Tuning Envoy Proxy

Mark McBride, Turbine Labs

Introducing Chaos in Bloomberg

Mikolaj Pawlikowski, Bloomberg

Chaos Engineering: Why Breaking Things Should Be Practiced

Charity Majors, Honeycomb

Next Level Chaos Engineering

Tammy Butow & Ana Medina, Gremlin

Closing Keynote: Breaking Containers - Chaos Engineering and Kubernetes

Jessie Frazelle, Microsoft

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