Explore Chaos Engineering

With hands-on training

The Gremlin team leads hands-on workshops on Chaos Engineering, covering the tools and techniques you need to effectively practice Chaos Engineering.

Bootcamp: 101

Getting started with Chaos Engineering is easier than you think! During this 2-hour interactive workshop, we'll teach you the fundamentals of Chaos Engineering, then we'll break into groups to put those lessons into practice with hands-on Chaos experiments. We'll provide all of the tools necessary, including the infrastructure, demo application, monitoring, and Gremlin!
  • We’ll cover the principles of Chaos Engineering that lay the foundation for building a safe and effective Chaos Engineering practice in your organization.
  • We'll also provide practicle insights to help ensure you learn the most from experiments, whether you're new to Chaos Engineering or a seasoned pro.
  • The group activities will give you experience defining experiments, as well as the duties for each team member's role during the experiment.

Break things with us

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Company-wide Bootcamps are a great way to teach multiple teams how to run Chaos Engineering experiments all at once.

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