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The Gremlin Guide to AWS #reInvent 2019

There are few events on an engineer’s calendar that generate as much conversation as AWS re:Invent. Now in its eighth year, re:Invent continues to hold the title of the largest cloud computing event in the world.

In order to help ensure you get the most out of re:Invent this year, we’d like to share a few of our recommendations (including a few ways to meet with members of the Gremlin team)!

Stop by the Gremlin booth 🤝

Whether you want a demo of the latest features in Gremlin, pick up some swag, or compete for one of our amazing prizes by playing our Chaos Engineering-themed memory challenge, you can find us in the Expo at the Venetian all week long!

And, while you’re there…

Join the Reliability Tour 📍

We’re excited to be partnering with several of our friends in the industry to bring you the first-ever Reliability Tour. Visit the five tour stops throughout the week to learn about building reliable systems on AWS. At each stop, you’ll receive a different enamel pin. At the end of the week, each pin will earn you a spot in our raffle for a 3D printer or gaming suite!

You can start the tour at any of the five locations:

  • Gremlin’s booth in the Expo
  • NS1’s booth in the Expo
  • MongoDB’s Pub Crawl with Gremlin and Datadog
  • NGINX’s booth in the Expo
  • GameDay lounge at the Aria

Run your own Chaos Engineering GameDay 👩‍💻

Stop by the GameDay Lounge at the Aria to run self-paced, hands-on workshops. The Gremlin team has put together a workshop to teach participants how to run Chaos Engineering experiments on a demo application hosted on Amazon EKS.

This is a stop on the Reliability Tour.

Have one on us at the Pub Crawl! 🍻

On Tuesday, December 3 at 6:00pm, head over to SUGARCANE in the Venetian for drinks and conversation with our friends at MongoDB and Datadog. You’ll have a chance to grab great swag just for joining us!

This is a stop on the Reliability Tour.

Check out these reliability-focused talks 🎤

At its core, AWS re:Invent is all about learning something new. With so many great talks, it can be hard to decide which to attend.

Here are our picks:

For more recommended sessions, check out the DevOps guide from AWS Community Heroes Serhat Can and Francisco Edilton.

First time heading to re:Invent? 🎰

Conferences can be overwhelming. Weeklong mega conferences in Las Vegas can be very overwhelming. If this is your first time heading to re:Invent, we recommend this very thorough guide from A Cloud Guru. Our top re:Invent tip? Bring chapstick!

Whether this is your first year at AWS re:Invent or your eighth, we’re excited to meet you in Las Vegas next month!

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