We are doing everything we can to make sure Chaos Conf is not only fun, inspiring, and informative but also safe, diverse, and inclusive place to learn about Chaos Engineering. We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends at the Cloud Native Foundation (CNCF) to offer five diversity and inclusion grants, which includes:

  • Full-access Chaos Conf pass
  • A $2000 prepaid gift card to help offset the costs related to attending the conference such as travel, lodging, food, and child care
  • Invitation to a welcome dinner with Gremlin the evening before the conference
  • Swag pack from Gremlin + CNCF

Creating a diverse workforce has tremendous benefits. It empowers companies to better represent the customers they serve, to have a more holistic view of problems, and to have a wider range of experiences to drive innovation. While the tech community at large has been striving to become more diverse and inclusive, we acknowledge there is still a long way to go and will continue to support these efforts.


  • Identify as an underrepresented minority working in tech or studying tech
  • 18 years old or over to apply
  • Able to attend Chaos Conf on September 28th
  • Agree to follow our Code of Conduct
  • Please apply here by July 31st!

From CNCF:

"As organizations build cloud native systems, we view Chaos Engineering as table stakes to truly build resilient cloud native software. Furthermore, diversity and inclusion are core values to CNCF and we are thrilled to support the first Chaos Conf as a community." -- Chris Aniszczyk, CTO CNCF.

From Gremlin:

“The generous grant offered by the CNCF will help us ensure that our first conference, and the Chaos Engineering community more broadly, is accessible to a wider set of people across various backgrounds and perspectives. We know that diverse teams make better decisions and generate better business results, and we will continue to support initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion.” -- Kolton Andrus, CEO Gremlin

UPDATE: Chaos Conf Diversity Scholarship Winners

Jose Pablo Mora from Heredia, Costa Rica - SRE @ Papertrail

As an SRE, keeping my service up is my main priority. Chaos Testing seems like the best way to focus our team into making our service more resilient. I’m looking forward to learning about the different ways we can inject failure in complex systems.

Tania Lorido Botrán from Houston, Texas - PhD Student @ Rice University / University of Deusto

My PhD thesis is about scalability of cloud applications and online detection of performance anomalies. I look at what is going on and try to determine flaws in the system. However, Chaos Engineering goes a step ahead in trying to prevent these kind of problems and I’m excited to hear leading experts speak at Chaos Conf.

Yashvi Singh - Masters in Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

The whole idea of Chaos Engineering is extremely fascinating to me. I feel this methodology is a very efficient way of troubleshooting most of our relevant problems in life. Through Chaos Conf, I hope to learn about the whole ideology, principles, and implication of Chaos Engineering in building extremely resilient and reliable softwares and try to imbibe the learnings in my area of expertise.

Laetitia Bushiri from London, UK - Platform Engineer @ On the dot

I'm a Platform Engineer for a startup in the city of London. I became interested in Chaos Engineering earlier this year when I started this role. I'm intrigued to learn how to methodically break a system in order to find its deficiencies in a controlled state. This would have such a positive impact on any current and new softwares my company uses, saving both time and money!

Ruth Lora from Teaneck, NJ - Project Manager at Google

I’m excited to learn more about the way engineers from various companies think and solve problems. Developing a deeper understanding of the issues that they face will allow me to come up with more efficient and creative solutions.
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Tammy Butow
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