There’s a reason why thousands of Engineers, Testers, and other Reliability specialists signed up for Gremlin’s first Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Practitioner (GCCEP) certificate program: Chaos Engineering is in high demand, and the market is looking for professionals who know how to wield it well.

The Gremlin Certificate program has addressed this need, and today, we launched our brand new certification level: the Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Professional (GCCEPro) certificate.

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Making advanced Chaos Engineering more accessible

Our first certificate program gave professionals the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of Chaos Engineering, and even opened the door to learning some Gremlin Chaos Engineering basics.

Gremlin’s GCCEPro certification takes what you learned in the GCCEP program and builds on it with more advanced Chaos Engineering best practices and more expert ways to use Gremlin. With this certification, you can be sure that you’ll be ready to step into any organization or team and build an advanced Chaos Engineering practice with Gremlin on day one.

The exam is hard. So we made brand new training materials.

We’ll admit it upfront: this exam is much harder than the first one.

That’s why we’ve built in-depth and interactive training materials to help you learn topics such as understanding the different Gremlin attacks and their use cases, how to use Gremlin and Chaos Engineering for more efficient postmortems, creating advanced Chaos Engineering Test Cases and Scenarios, and more!

In addition to the interactive training, we’ll be hosting an exclusive webinar prep session just like last time. That webinar will be on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021. Make sure to mark your calendars!

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Not just a Chaos Engineering professional, but a Gremlin professional

The GCCEPro goes beyond just advanced Chaos Engineering education. It also helps you become a more advanced user of Gremlin, the world’s first and most mature Chaos Engineering platform. The training content includes real-world examples and use cases for Gremlin-specific attacks, troubleshooting, etc., and the exam will test your ability to wield Gremlin as an advanced user.

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Separate yourself from the rest of the pack

It’s clear that Chaos Engineering is a high-demand practice and skill set. Thousands of people have become Gremlin certified practitioners by earning their GCCEP certificate. This new certificate gives you a way to pull ahead and show off your advanced skills.

And, like last time, we make it easy to share your accomplishment. Once you pass the exam, you can download the certificate as a PDF, share it by email and social media, and easily post it to your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility.

How to get certified

The process isn’t difficult, but there are a few things you need to know before getting certified:

  • You must be a Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Practitioner (GCCEP) before you can attempt the new GCCEPro exam and get your certificate.
  • The educational and preparatory materials are optional at first, but if you fail to pass the exam (score an 80% or higher) within two tries, you will have to complete the prep module before attempting to re-take and pass the exam. We highly recommend that you start with the preparatory materials, as they will cover everything you will need to know.

Get GCCEPro certified

Share your cert with the world and enter our raffle

The best way to share your expertise with the world is by both adding your certificate to your LinkedIn profile and sharing the cert in a LinkedIn post with your connections.

We’re also running a limited time raffle for the first 500 GCCEPro certified users. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Be one of the first 500 Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Professionals
  2. Share your GCCEPro certificate in a LinkedIn post with these hashtags: #Gremlin #GCCEPro

We’ll keep track of posts that both show the certificate and use these hashtags, and we’ll select one lucky winner from the first 500 certified users and award them with a $200 Amazon gift card. Make sure to be one of the first 500!

We hope that you enjoy the program, and please let us know if you have any feedback!

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