Chaos Engineering continues to grow in popularity and is rapidly becoming a job requirement. To help Engineering and Testing teams meet the need, we’re launching our first ever Gremlin Chaos Engineering Practitioner Certificate Program! The Certificate Program is now the easiest way to demonstrate your Chaos Engineering expertise, increase your visibility, and advance your career.

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Why get certified? Because expertise matters.

The Chaos Engineering cat is out of the bag. Google searches for “Chaos Engineering” grew 2,427% between 2016 and 2020. Industry giants like Netflix and Amazon defined the practice, and more and more companies are following their lead by either including “Chaos Engineering” as a qualification in job description, or by hiring for “Chaos Engineer” roles outright. It has become clear that Chaos Engineering is now a crucial step towards achieving predictable and consistent high reliability of online systems.

With this rapid surge in popularity, Chaos Engineering early adopters have a major advantage in the market. However, there hasn’t been a way to validate and display this expertise. This has changed with the first-ever Chaos Engineering professional certification program, provided by Gremlin. With this new program, you can easily enroll and become a certified Chaos Engineering practitioner, with backing from the company founded by the individuals who started and built Chaos Engineering into a practice and service.

Up-skill to Chaos Engineering expert

No matter your title and background, Gremlin makes it easy for anybody interested in reliability to become a Chaos Engineering expert. This Gremlin Certificate Program exam was designed and created by a team of Chaos Engineering pioneers who, combined, have decades of Chaos Engineering experience--so you can be sure that you’ll be learning the most important Chaos Engineering fundamentals and foundations.

As you’re exploring Chaos Engineering, access Gremlin’s wide variety of educational and training resources—whether that be our tutorials, intro to CE webinars, bootcamps, or even our live-streamed exam prep sessions.

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And prep doesn’t have to cost you anything! You can practice and hone your Chaos Engineering skills with a free trial of Gremlin meant to help you familiarize yourself with Chaos Engineering by safely experimenting with a limited blast radius.You’ll have access to all experiment types, and you’ll be able to unleash unlimited experiments on up to 2 targets.

Show your skills and further your career as a Reliability Pro

As mentioned earlier, “Chaos Engineering” is showing up as a requirement in job descriptions for SREs, Resilience Engineers, Ops Engineers, Application Developers, Performance Engineering, QA Engineers, etc. A Gremlin Certificate proves to employers that you know what it takes to start and scale a Chaos Engineering practice within an organization.

After you pass the Gremlin Chaos Engineering practitioner exam, you’ll have a digital copy and PDF version that you can share on social media and email to colleagues. The Certificate is also super easy to share with your professional network due to it’s LinkedIn compatibility. In just one-click, your Gremlin Certification can be shown directly on your LinkedIn profile with Gremlin’s seal of approval. For the first 50 people to pass the exam, we’ll ship an additional physical copy of your certificate to hang in your office.

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