With everyone working remotely, video conference tools like Zoom have been a critical part of maintaining business continuity. It’s truly amazing that we can continue to work and connect with one another, even during a time where getting together in an office hasn’t been possible…

With that said, not everything translates well from in-person to virtual. What was once casual water-cooler talk, now becomes another block on your calendar. When before you could pop over to a co-worker’s desk, or take a stroll outside while you talked through something, now it’s another virtual meeting.

At Gremlin, we believe that it’s better to address problems proactively, rather than after the damage has already been done. So we worked hard to create a new set of attacks to help you better prepare for virtual mishaps and reduce meeting fatigue!

The meeting shutdown

This is the Chaos Monkey of meetings. Run this attack to randomly take a meeting off your calendar, in order to better evaluate if that meeting was necessary in the first place. With Gremlin, you can also run more targeted attacks, like on that Friday standup nobody wants to attend…

The meeting scheduler

Unlike The Meeting Shutdown, the scheduler attack blocks off time on your calendar with fake details. This helps you pretend like you have something going on, when really you just need time to do “heads-down” work (preferably with a soft pillow).

The meeting shortener

This is a more granular attack than the meeting shutdown. The meeting remains on your calendar, but 15 minutes is hacked off the end. This attack significantly reduces unnecessary chit-chat.

The WebEx switcharoo

This is a classic. Everyone on the call thinks it will be a Zoom meeting, but it gets swapped for a WebEx! The level of frustration that follows increases the chances the meeting gets cancelled altogether by 55%.

The Google Meet surprise

It’s amazing how often we're surprised by a Google Meet link in our calendar events that no one added! Get used to this failure by automatically adding google meet links to all of your calls, so everyone gets used to ignoring them and using Zoom always.

Ready to reduce meeting fatigue and get back hours of your workday? Request a free trial and start making your calendar more reliable this April Fool's Day!

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